The founder Giuseppe Baggio and his son Vittorio Senior, which were already making shoes and wooden clogs since 1880, start to manufacture wooden chairs with handmade straw seats in their artisan workshop in Thiene (Vicenza).


Vittorio Baggio Senior leaves the shoes business and focuses on the production of wooden seating. He designs and manufactures the products, making new original and innovative shapes and decorations.


The workshop becomes the “Baggio Vittorio & Figli” Company and in 1945 is one of the founder members in Vicenza of “Associazione Industriali” the National Association of Italian Manufacturers. In these years Vittorio Baggio Senior creates the first wooden kneeling chair that will be used in the next years in most of the Italian churches.


The Company makes and obtains the patent for the first adjustable deckchair named “Poltrona Delizia”. The chair is conceived by Vittorio Baggio Junior who has just joined his father in the Company.


Vittorio Baggio Junior with his brother Carlo and his sister Maria, founds the “Baggio” Company and begins to make metal chairs which shortly starts to export abroad.


The production of wood chairs is definitively left and the Company focuses on steel and aluminium manufacturing, creating collections for home, office and contract.


The Company achieves its highest expansion and becomes Italian market leader with 5 factories, 500 workers and a daily production of 7.000 chairs, tables and accessories, exported all over the world
by large distributors like IKEA and SEARS U.S.A. & Canada.


Franco and Silvia Baggio join the father Vittorio and establish the Company Altek® a new registered brand, with a line of patented articles of unique and refined design, drawn in collaboration with some prestigious Italian and European designers.


Altek® brand becomes a datum point for worldwide architects and interior designers and wins important awards as “Good Design” for the Vertigo line design dai Zurich and “IDot” awards for Graal table and Kore chair design Baggio Vittorio. The Vertigo Line enters in the permanent Design Collection of the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.


The brand Altek® becomes “Altek Italia Design” and adopts a new philosophy of research and development, based on the concept of “Furniture Islands”. Furniture Islands is a new collection characterized by modularity, innovation and eco-sustainability.
Altek inaugurated its COMPANY MUSEUM, where the company tells its history through a collection of original products that have characterized each decade from the 1920s.
The Company invests heavily and constantly in research and creates important collections for the furnishing of airport areas, public and private lounge spaces, offices, hotels, universities.
In our story there are prestigious awards such as the 12th Edition “Grands Prix du Design” award for the contract and institutional sector in Canada and being shortlisted for Product of the Year in the category “Loose Furniture” at Mixology Awards 2018 and 2019 in England, with the collection AirWave design Topo Design. Also the AirWave collection has received another global recognition by winning the prestigious Good Design Award in 2022. It is the second Good Design Award in our company history.

altek italia design - 100th anniversary


Altek Italia Design just starts the new decade, projected towards the future with innovative ideas and projects, aware of the importance and responsibility of having a century of history.