Discover all the designers that actively work with Altek Italian Design to create the most authentic and aesthetically pleasant products.

Alberto Bicego

Architect & Designer

Italian Architect specialized in Industrial Design, with 20 years of experience and hundreds of projects developed in different fields (from furniture to automotive) he moved to Vancouver, years ago. Passionate and intuitive, he loves to follow the projects along the entire process of development, from the concept to the engineering and the creation of 3D virtual models, also using different technologies and materials.

Stefano Esposito


Graduated with honors in Industrial Design at the University of Naples, he got a Master’s Degree in Interior Design at the Politecnico in Milan. Finalist at Samsung Young Design 09, he won the ‘It’s mine design’ with the publication of the clock ORA in the ADI Codex. In 2013 he was selected as one of the top designers for the Salone Satellite in Milan and start collaborated with Simone Micheli studio.

Florin Baeriswyl


Born in Malmö, Sweden, he graduated in Software Engineering in Bienne, Switzerland, and in Industrial Design at the Academy of Art and Design in Zurich. He is the owner, CEO and chief designer of the company ‘dai ag’ besed in Zurich, which has carried out important projects working for important companies such as Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, Swissair.

Paolo Ceola


Student of Enzo Mari, he graduated in Industrial Design in Florence. After the collaboration with internationally renowned designers he dedicated himslef to the research of the sense of beauty, art, ethics and communication.In 1991 he opened a studio of graphic and industrial design.

Rainer Bachschmid


Born in 1966, after practicing the activity of cabinetmaker he graduated in Industrial Design at the University of Wuppertal.In 2004 he founded the Rabadesign in Switzerland, which currently works with major companies such as Lumess, Bontempi, Topstar, Inflate, Becker, Mercury, Maser, Viasit, Ronald Schmitt.

Sergio Mian

Architect & Designer

Born in Padua, he graduated in Architecture at the IUAV. In 1988 some of his creations are published in the ‘The Art of Seating’ and in’The European Furniture’. In 1993 the director R. Altman uses some of his accomplishments in ‘Short Cuts’, best movie at the Venice Film Festival in 2012 and his chair Baba has been used by Clint Eastwood as protagonist in one of his electoral shows.

Leonardo Rossano

Architect & Designer

Born in Taranto, he graduated in Architecture in Florence in 1991. From ’92 to ’98 he joined the ‘Arch. Claudio Nardi studio’ in Florence, working on projects for commercial spaces and boutiques such as Dolce&Gabbana, G. Ferre, Valentino. Since 1998 he practices as furniture & interior designer, taking care of the corporate image and communication.

Charles Godbout


Industrial designer Charles Godbout, living in Montreal, first made his mark on the design industry as founder and CEO of a manufacturing company specializing in exhibit high-tech systems. After several years, he returned to his first love, furniture design, and opened his independent studio, Topo Design. Since then, he has steadily built a solid reputation as a prolific, creative, highly- skilled designer, and has collaborated with several international level furniture companies.

Marco Nereo Rotelli


Born in Venice, where he graduated in Architecture in 1982. Over the years he has created an interrelationship between art and different disciplines of knowledge, in particularly with poetry. His works are in museums and private collections all around the World. He has been mentioned by some of the most important art critics and international celebrities.

Antonio Larosa


Born and raised in Italy, he studied architecture and design at the Milan Polytechnic University. Following graduation he moved to the US where he worked on a wide range of projects from architecture and interior design, to furniture and product design. He’s one of the most prolific designers in the contract furniture market and his designs have been on display at internationally renowned shows in Milan, High Point, Chicago, Tokyo, Cologne, Moscow, New York and world class galleries including the Vitra Design Museum.

Pascal Bosetti


After his training as master craftsmen for metal works, Pascal Bosetti graduated from the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Basle, Switzerland) with a master’s degree in arts and design. In 2010 has founded his studio in Munich, focuses on industrial design, furniture design and scenopgraphics. Pascal Bosetti’s approach to design is characterized by emotion, functionality and stringency in form. Coming from a craftsmanship’s background, he has a special passion for materials, their properties and how to use them.

Technical Emotions

Architect & Designer

Technical Emotions is a design Studio established from two Spanish sisters in 2010, Maria de les Neus Alos Palop, Architect and Laia Alos Palop, Designer. Maria de les Neus Alos Palop, after graduating as an Architect from the Universidad Politecnica in Valencia, Spain, she gained experience in several renowned architecture and design consultancies. She started working at Ramon Pons Romaní studio in Valencia, for 5 years she collaborated on architecture and urban planning projects, private and collective residential buildings as well as on projects for the public administration as structures dedicated to education or related to health care. In 2008 she moved to Milan, she collaborated at the Sawaya & Moroni design and architectural office, working as project manager. Laia Alos Palop graduated as an Industrial Designer from the University Cardenal Herrera – CEU in Valencia, Spain, where she also pursued a Post-Graduate Masters Course in Industrial and Graphical Design, Lighting and Automotive. She began her professional career at Dosmo Disseny S.L., Valencia. She moved to Milan, Italy together with her sister, collaborating at Sawaya & Moroni. In 2010 she moved to The Netherlands where she collaborated at Wetzels Brown Partners (Amsterdam) in different projects.