Pascal Bosetti


After studying as a master craftsman in metalworking, Bosetti graduated in art and design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (Basel, Switzerland). In 2015 he founded his own studio in Munich and immediately focused on industrial design, furniture design and scenography. Bosetti’s approach to design is characterized by emotion, functionality and rigor in form. Coming from the world of craftsmanship, he has a special passion for materials, their properties and their use. From 2008 to today he has won numerous very prestigious awards, such as the German Design Awards in 2016 with the Mito collection, then revisited with the aluminum version together with Altek Italia Design. The chairs and tables of the Alumito collection are a triumph of design conceived for the outdoors, stackable and colourful, thanks to the possibility of painting with all the available RAL shades.