The history of design (the one less known)

Clint Eastwood and the “Empty Chair” (or rather the Baba© Barstool)
March 13, 2020

The history of design (the one less known)

The “almost 100 years story” of Altek Italia Design is part of the larger history of the Italian design.

We are not talking about the kind of history you can find in academic publications. We are talking about that less-known but fascinating story which left an anonymous mark in our Country lifestyle in the past fifty years.

The two most representative elements are the “Kneeling chair” for churches and the folding deckchair called “Poltrona Delizia” . They were both patented in 1957 and gave their contribution to the history of Italian design as they had a huge diffusion all around the Country.

The folding “kneeling chair” (1957)
The folding deckchair “Poltrona Delizia” (1957)

The original models are both preserved in the corporate museum of Altek Italian Design, which includes the most representative products of the company from 1920 up to the present days.

From the first wooden chairs with hand-made straw seat of the ’20s – ’30s to the early commercial successes of the ’60s , to the innovative shapes of the ’90s ( the most notably are an interesting prototype of a folding chaise longue designed by Ron Arad and the “Baba” stool, which became a symbol of the U.S. presidential election campaign in 2012 ) .

To visit our museum you can make an appointment by calling +39 0445/316500 or by coming to our headquarters in Via Vegri 40 in Zanè (Vicenza – Italy).