A recognized industrial designer, Godbout stood out in the world of design as an entrepreneur. He was the founder and president of a company for the design and production of display systems for interior architecture. He then specialized in the design of furniture and home products as a consultant by creating the Topo Design studio. Among his numerous projects, many were created in close collaboration with the architect and industrial designer Luc Plante.

Furniture design is a passion for him. A way to face the challenges posed by our current and future lifestyles by creating products that facilitate and improve our daily lives. Through his creations, he is mainly concerned with offering the most relevant solutions for the user, for the community and for the producer.

The years spent at the head of an SME led him to develop a pragmatic approach to design, based on a deep knowledge of the issues related to product development and their marketing. His research on the application of innovative technologies (using, in particular, aluminium) has allowed him to acquire a solid reputation. Never straying from rigorous ergonomic and functional considerations, his creations are recognized for their elegant aesthetics and modernity.

He has collaborated with national and international companies and has distinguished himself by winning numerous awards in Quebec, Canada and abroad, alone or together with Luc Plante. He is a member of the Association of Industrial Designers of Quebec and has been teaching at the School of Design of the University of Montreal since 2002.

The philosophy

For Godbout, industrial design must be integrated into the heart of corporate strategy. The search for success is the result of an encounter: this is the entrepreneur’s vision understood by the designer.

The challenge for Charles is to push the limits of creation as far as possible to allow his clients to stand out. Design is a means to get there and not an end in itself. His goal is not to bring his own artistic approach to the fore. What drives it is the success of its customers. His signature is the design of well thought out and attractive products.

The process of his conception becomes a driving force for the company. With him, no concepts without precise foundations, no ephemeral stylistic exercises or gratuitous effects. The formal pursuit of him has meaning and elegance. A refinement that wants to be perceptible right down to the technical details.