Florin Baeriswyl


With over 35 years of experience in brand strategy and design, Baeriswyl is an experienced contract entrepreneur and consultant to international brands and companies.

Born in Malmö, Sweden, he graduated in Software Engineering in Bienne, Switzerland, and holds a diploma in industrial design from the Zurich Academy of Art and Design. He is the owner, CEO and chief designer of the “dai ag” company in Zurich, which has carried out important projects working for Nestlé, Deutsche Bank, Swissair.

Being result-oriented and analytical by nature, and having gained global experience over the years, Baeriswyl has developed a unique ability to capture and evaluate trends with the ability to translate them into impactful creations dedicated to creating authentic value in all sectors, while generating an impact aimed at exalting the brand in the various companies with which it has collaborated.

Furthermore, coming from a country known for quality, Switzerland, Baeriswyl is able to provide a holistic view of the various brands with which he collaborates, their development of value and how they can create innovation. His credo is that a brand is defined by quality, consistency and uniqueness, while the design should reflect the values of the brand itself.

In recent years he has had the opportunity to work in China, becoming a globally recognized expert for the strategic development of large companies, between East and West.

Baeriswyl and Altek Italia Design

In collaboration with Altek Italia Design, Baeriswyl has created Vertigo, synonymous with simplicity and reduction to the essentials, which gives shape to seats and accessories characterized by functional design and aesthetic research, typical of the philosophy of the Swiss designer.