Architect & Designer

Technical Emotions is a design studio founded by two Spanish sisters in 2010, Maria de les Neus Alos Palop, Architect and Laia Alos Palop, Designer.

Maria de les Neus Alos Palop after graduating as an architect from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, gained experience in several renowned consultancy firms in architecture and design. You start working in the Ramon Pons Romaní studio in Valencia, for 5 years you have collaborated on architecture and urban planning projects, private and collective residential buildings, as well as projects for the public administration such as structures dedicated to education or related to health care . In 2008 she moved to Milan, she collaborated with the design and architecture office Sawaya & Moroni, working as a project manager.

Laia Alos Palop graduated as an industrial designer from the Cardenal Herrera University – CEU in Valencia, Spain, where she also pursued a postgraduate master’s degree in industrial and graphic design, lighting and automotive. She started her professional career at Dosmo Disseny S.L., Valencia. She moved to Milan, Italy, together with her sister, collaborating for Sawaya and Moroni. In 2010 she moved to the Netherlands, where she collaborated at Wetzels Brown Partners (Amsterdam) on various projects.

With Altek Italia Design, they have developed the Quizas outdoor collection, characterized by sinuous shapes and the use of a metal mesh that gives stability, while still allowing the sun and the breeze to filter through. The series consists of seats, sofas and armchairs, but also of low tables and candle holders.