February 3, 2020
Armadillo 6
February 3, 2020


Design Rainer Bachschmid

Armadillo / 7

Armadillo, this animal is well-known for the strength and resistance of its carapace, which is the cover and protection of the most soft and delicate part of its belly. From the distinctive features of this animal completed with a touch of elegance and superior quality which always distinguishes the Company, Altek Italia Design takes inspiration from this collection of seating. The solid structure made in cast aluminum and steel together with the strong wooden shell represents the “skeleton” of the product, while the soft upholstery and cover in genuine Italian leather disclose its more refined face. Armadillo. The Armadillo collection was designed by Rainer Bachschmid. Armadillo, the nature which becomes elegance.


Art and Know-How Experience

There is a term, coined by ancient philosophy, which indicates the purpose, the aim of things, but also the intentionality that objects have according to their own objectives: the telos. The telos of Altek Italia Design is to provide emotions. Armadillo chaise longue is the result of the combination of the designer’s imagination and the technical and production capacity of our company. The product was designed to seek a positive emotion of pleasure, elegance, imagination, joy, relaxation, and high-quality certified Made in Italy.


It’s all about the leather


In the long and fascinating creation of Armadillo, the use and choice of leather play two essential roles. Our selected leather suppliers invest in certifications, as a communication tool of their daily commitment, to guarantee product quality policies, reliability of production processes, and environmental compatibility of manufacturing. The legacy we have had, for over a century, in the production of furnishing elements covered in leather, finds its highest expression of outcome in this chaise longue Armadillo.


Finishes and customizations of Armadillo

We have created solutions and color combinations that are timelessly classic as well as modern and avant-garde. Bronze or 24-carat pure gold plating helps embellish the structure of Armadillo. Gold is a symbol of artistic craftsmanship to a universal language. An expression of classicism, elegance, luxury and refinement. Armadillo 24-carat gold is available in polished, matte, or champagne pink gold versions. The glossy or matte lacquered wood version matches the monochrome painted frame that wraps, with character, the soft silhouette of the backrest and seat.

All models in the Armadillo collection can be embellished with sparkling Swarovski® intaglio buttons. These are applied strictly by hand to decorate Armadillo’s seat and back. Delicate in appearance, this armchair becomes a delight to the eyes of the beholder. The version with Swarovski® buttons mixes the purity of crystal and the value of a handcrafted product. Armadillo thus becomes a clear language, the expression of an inanimate object capable of communicating the personality of the person who chooses it. To encourage a moment of relaxation or to be a chaise longue, because every moment is good to sit well.


All models in the collection can be customized with several finishes. The Armadillo collection is patent items.




Lounge Chair with ergonomic position, available with or without arms – with three star flat steel chrome base- upholstered and covered in top quality genuine Italian leather. The back side shells are in veneer plywood available in several different finishes as per sample-card.


  • Overall height: 91 cm | 35.9 in
  • Overall length: 150 cm | 59.1 in
  • Overall width: 74 cm | 29.1 in
  • Backrest width: 56 cm | 22.1 in
  • Seat height: 34/44 cm | 13.4/17.3 in
  • Seat width: 56 cm | 22.1 in
  • Gross weight: kg. 67,30 | 148,37 lb
  • Net weight: kg. 51,50 | 113,53 lb
  • Vol.: 0.93 cbm